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It’s that time again…

27 Jun
Picture taken from CBSnews.com

Picture taken from CBSnews.com

My favorite time of the summer… Big Brother time. Seriously I am such a fan girl of this show it’s silly. Yesterday all I could think about is at 7 o’clock, Big Brother 15 will start! If you don’t know what BB is, let me give you a quick rundown…it’s a reality game show were “house guest” are locked in one huge house with no contact outside this house for 3 months for $500,000! They compete in competitions for different prizes, such as Head of Household, Food competitions, Luxury competitions, POV, and now MVP! It’s kind of a lot to explain in one paragraph so good look it up, or better off, WATCH IT!!! Unless you are like me and easily addicted…cautiously watch…then say, ” goodbye to your summer and hello to Big Brother!!” Any who it’s really fun to watch…This is also the first season I bought the Live Feeds. Live feeds are an 24/7 access to the house on CBS.com…(now you think I’m crazy) I am normally not a big reality game show fan, but this show just consumes me….I will admit it, but I don’t care! It’s all good clean fun…sort of. Last night was the premier, and here is what I think:

Big brother has always been about the house guest being “real people” but this season I really feel like the girls are the same stereotypical “conceited pretty girls” and all the guys are the stereotypical “athletic type” minus one or two house guest. Most also seem to be single…which means only one thing…there is going to be a ton of “showmances”. YAY or NAY? we shall see…

First day in the house and these house guest are ready for alliances!! Like seriously if I was in the house and in the first 10 minutes someone is trying to make an alliance with me I am staying away from you!…seriously barf! Give it a minute…

If you have watched previous season(12) then you know who Rachel Reilly is…you either HATE  her or LOVE her and in the end I LOVED her, well her sister is in the season…Elissa…and I am so rooting for her!! So far the house guest don’t seem to realize that she is her sister(even though they look like twins!). Which when they do find out, I feel like there will be a major target on her back… 😦 BOO!

TWO new twist! *Spoilers* Instead of the two normal nominees for evictions there will now be 3, the 3rd nominee will now be chosen by the MVP…which will be chose by “america” on cbs.com each week. They get the advantage of putting someone up in silence and secret…great advantage. Which puts a major target on the HOH if both of their nominees stay! My predictions…this is going to be a “catty” season…so “floaters get your life vest!”

NOW it’s your turn, Tell me what you think about this season…






Sunday, Funday, TV Recording Day!

11 Mar


I’ve got so much TV shows recording on Sunday’s I literally have to record things the next day to catch them… and because Seth and I usually only have Sunday’s off together we usually spend it together doing family things, going out, housework, etc. So on following Mondays after my morning shift, I play catch up with my TV. 

Since last’s week premier of The Bible and Vikings, (which i absolutely love that they have finally made a mini series on History Channel that is actually educational but well get to that…) Plus,  Once Upon a Time, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Walking Dead, and Shahs of Sunset…and when in Season Dexter and coming up on the 31st, Games of Throne. That’s 7 hour long shows! Ha. I love having so many things to watch but never have I had so much to watch/record in one day. 

Now obviously Shahs of Sunset and really basically anything on Bravo is my guilty pleasure, Yes it probably destroys my brain with these crazy drama reality shows, but there is nothing more entertaining to watch and I will admit I use to say, “I will never watch any of those Real Housewives shows…” I retract that statement, they are phenomenal! You get sucked into it like a Honeybee to a Wild Flower and next thing you know you are watching all of them! I suggest starting off with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now that we got my guilty pleasure off my chest let’s get into why I am blogging this..the two new miniseries of History Channel, The Bible and Vikings. Now I have only watch the first episodes, tonight’s has not been seen yet. I must say I am extremely impressed by the productions of both of these shows. The details and visuals of these shows are beautiful. I was really excited to see that Both did very well because I am a history buff and believe it or not when I’m not watching Bravo, I’m usually watching something on History channel.

 So feel free to share you comments, what did guys think or what have you guys have been watching and maybe I’ll check them out too! Thanks for readin’! 🙂 xoxo