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The Jolly Vox Box Review

30 Dec

There is nothing I enjoy more than coming home and seeing a little Influenster box on my door step. So this is my 5th or 6th box, and this one may be small but I actually enjoyed all of the items in it. The following items were complementary for testing purposes:

Mini “ducklings”  Duck Tape- So I did end up using this for some wrapping, I ran out of regular tape, and hey it worked, I wasn’t crazy about the design, It was some Hawaiian design, but after seeing the other colors and designs, i would buy it again. Would be cute for projects.  Mini rolls retail for $2-$3. @theduckbrand

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer-  The color, is out of this world. The smell reminds me of Mexican candy. I have no idea why, but I love it. Available in 14 shades, I received the shade Luna, a Peachy Pink color. Very bright, and looks really good with a nude pallet. The lip lacquer is similar to a gloss, but not sticky. Retail for $5.99. @rimmellondonus

NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow- I love the smoky eye, look and with this VERY affordable eye trio you can get the look for less then $3 dollars! I was pleasantly surprised how long the color lasted, however I will also say I did use a primer on my eye lids before I applied the eye shadow. @nycnewyorkcolor

Puffs Travel Pack-I love me some On the Go Packs by Puffs, really soft and wonderful for a mother of a toddler with no lotion added. Retails for only $0.49 a pack! @puffs

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates – These may have been my favorite thing in this VoxBox, It was 6 Packets of 3 Piece chocolates, each packet was 130 Calories ( Reese’s Cups 210 Calories) I compared them to Reese’s because the taste is extremely similar.  I recommend anyone who loves chocolate and peanut butter to consume some of these. You will have less guilt.  Retails for $3.99 a box! @theskinnycow


Paradise Vox Box

22 Aug


I got a new VoxBox! Watch me Unbox it! Awesome stuff in it, Please check it out, I’ll post an actually Review Video later this week,

Thanks Everyone!




Ivory® 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash Review

17 May


YAY!! a new voxbox came in! It was a awesome surprise to see a big bottle of Ivory® 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash. I first opened it up and was pleasantly surprised with a fresh, clean scent. Then I read the back and it has conditioners in it!!! SO I hopped in the shower with excitement and used it! Sadly I think my hair is too thick (like I have extremely thick hair) for this product to work really well on it as a conditioner, but I am still using it as a shampoo and body wash! I also use it for my toddler. We both love the smell. A great buy at a great cost to simplify your time in the shower! CHECK IT OUT!

P.S I apologize for the short and very unedited video, I was getting ready for work and had little time to do this! Still hope you love it, please stay tuned for my next review!

Sunday, Funday, TV Recording Day!

11 Mar


I’ve got so much TV shows recording on Sunday’s I literally have to record things the next day to catch them… and because Seth and I usually only have Sunday’s off together we usually spend it together doing family things, going out, housework, etc. So on following Mondays after my morning shift, I play catch up with my TV. 

Since last’s week premier of The Bible and Vikings, (which i absolutely love that they have finally made a mini series on History Channel that is actually educational but well get to that…) Plus,  Once Upon a Time, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Walking Dead, and Shahs of Sunset…and when in Season Dexter and coming up on the 31st, Games of Throne. That’s 7 hour long shows! Ha. I love having so many things to watch but never have I had so much to watch/record in one day. 

Now obviously Shahs of Sunset and really basically anything on Bravo is my guilty pleasure, Yes it probably destroys my brain with these crazy drama reality shows, but there is nothing more entertaining to watch and I will admit I use to say, “I will never watch any of those Real Housewives shows…” I retract that statement, they are phenomenal! You get sucked into it like a Honeybee to a Wild Flower and next thing you know you are watching all of them! I suggest starting off with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now that we got my guilty pleasure off my chest let’s get into why I am blogging this..the two new miniseries of History Channel, The Bible and Vikings. Now I have only watch the first episodes, tonight’s has not been seen yet. I must say I am extremely impressed by the productions of both of these shows. The details and visuals of these shows are beautiful. I was really excited to see that Both did very well because I am a history buff and believe it or not when I’m not watching Bravo, I’m usually watching something on History channel.

 So feel free to share you comments, what did guys think or what have you guys have been watching and maybe I’ll check them out too! Thanks for readin’! 🙂 xoxo

Va-Va Vivid

5 Mar



So I received Olay’s Fresh Effects Va-Va Vivid Powering system complimentary of Influenster last week, And I decided to do a full review on this because it works great and I want my followers to know about this wonderful product. Here’s some pros:

  • Affordable– $12.99 for brush $6.99 for 5.0z cleanser mask., other powering systems can run up to $200!!! Insane!!!
  • Smells Great– Citrusy and not chemically!
  • IT works! – I noticed it kills the shine and even reduces my pores, you can really feel it works, deep down in the skin, without being too rough on the skin! Trust me even my boyfriend noticed a difference and that’s saying something!
  • Shower usage-  You can use this in the shower, how easy is that? While you got that conditioner in that hair, use it for about 60 seconds and you’ve got a great deep clean super quick! Just don’t submerge in water!

Honestly I didn’t find any cons to this product, The contouring system could be bigger, but that’s about it! Anyways pick it up at a local drugstore, and you won’t be disappointed! xoxox!