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Paradise Vox Box

22 Aug


I got a new VoxBox! Watch me Unbox it! Awesome stuff in it, Please check it out, I’ll post an actually Review Video later this week,

Thanks Everyone!




Va-Va Vivid

5 Mar



So I received Olay’s Fresh Effects Va-Va Vivid Powering system complimentary of Influenster last week, And I decided to do a full review on this because it works great and I want my followers to know about this wonderful product. Here’s some pros:

  • Affordable– $12.99 for brush $6.99 for 5.0z cleanser mask., other powering systems can run up to $200!!! Insane!!!
  • Smells Great– Citrusy and not chemically!
  • IT works! – I noticed it kills the shine and even reduces my pores, you can really feel it works, deep down in the skin, without being too rough on the skin! Trust me even my boyfriend noticed a difference and that’s saying something!
  • Shower usage-  You can use this in the shower, how easy is that? While you got that conditioner in that hair, use it for about 60 seconds and you’ve got a great deep clean super quick! Just don’t submerge in water!

Honestly I didn’t find any cons to this product, The contouring system could be bigger, but that’s about it! Anyways pick it up at a local drugstore, and you won’t be disappointed! xoxox!


The Conclusion of the Sweetheart VoxBox 2013.

1 Mar

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.**


Olay® Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleansing System/Olay Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing Ceanser-So Amazing My favorite product that came in this sweetheart Box, affordable and works great! I saw a difference in my skin (and so did my bf) the first use. $12.99 for brush $6.99 for 5.0z cleanser mask.

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant- IT SMELLS AMAZING!!! Like a citrus basket under your arms, It surprised me how well it worked because I do sweat more then a normal person. I usually have to put on deodorant multiple times a day and this worked the entire day. SO YES, I will be buying this. Prices very $7.99-$9.99, I think it’s worth it. Check it out!

Not Your Mother’s® She’s a Tease Volumizing Hair Spray– It’s a good hairspray, think for normal hair it worked better, Since my hair is so thick and heavy I don’t think it worked as well for the volumizing part, however it did hold my curly locks in all day. Smelt good as well. I liked that it didn’t leave my hair sticky and crunchy but rather manageable and bouncy! Full bottle size $6.00. Nice buy!

SkinnyGirl Daily On-The-Go Bars.-Only 180 calories a bar, Kosher, Gluten Free and All Natural. Pricey box of 5 bars $9.99 but defiantly kept me full and crave less throughout the day, not crazy on the Banana Chocolate flavor, but they do sell other flavors and I think i’d like them better. All arund healthy great snack.

***Side notes, In the video I am wearing Night Bloom Shift Dress by Camilla Tree Available from ShopRuche.com


Sweetheart VoxBox 2013 Opening

27 Feb


**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.**