Raspberry Mocha Frap! (Low Carb/Sugar Free)

9 Apr

So I go through these phases (that I should probably stick with longer), where I will eat really healthy and change how I eat for a while and then I’ll breakdown have a Taco Bell binge and fall off…well what ever the case is, I’ve had my shared experiences and gotten clever with my sweet tooth cravings for cold coffee drinks. Seriously sometimes I think I am really addicted to them. I could seriously drink a Mocha Frap everyday if I could. I love them. So any who Summer is coming back and to save time, money, and calories I’ll be making these a lot more.

Raspberry Mocha Frap (Low Carb)

1 Cup crushed ice
1 Cup strong brew coffee, (I let mine cool down to have it less watery when it mixes with the ice)
2 Tbs Hershey Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup (save some more for the top)
3/4 Cup Milk or 3 Tbs Whipping Cream (If your doing low carb)
1 Tablespoon of Raspberry Sugar-Free Torani Syrup

1.Put everything in the blender and blend! 😉 lol You can easily do this as a iced coffee drink without a need of a blender.

2.Pour &Enjoy!


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