The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

17 Feb


Okay so you guys know how much of a Foodie I am and how much I love my reality shows/contest.  I will admit I could watch the food channel 24/7 so I was really stoked when ABC premiered their new show, The Taste. It’s a Starring Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre & Brian Malarkey. (BTW, have the biggest crush on Ludo, totally rooting for him.) and basically contestants are split into 4 teams with their chef as their mentor, and through out the season will be judged by only a spoonful it’s seriously so crazy, makes me want to get in my kitchen and experiment  Any who I am obsessed, I am seriously thinking about entering myself in next year!

Funny things is a guy from my home town Sacramento is on the show,  Adam Pechal, he’s the owner of Restaurant Thir13en, and Tuli Bistro, so big shout out to him! If only you were on Team Ludo’s team!

So catch up on the latest episode here:

and next week on ABC at 8|7c on Tuesday.


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