New Taste

13 Feb

So first post yay! Let me say, Weclome! I am super excited!-recently I have doing a lot of reviews for and and wanted to do my reviews via Video/Youtube, so i debated for a few days  and decided to just start up my own blog where I can post them easily. So voila! Here it is, my own domain!

I have a huge passion for chowing down in the kitchen and getting dolled up front my vanity. So I wanted to create a new outlet to get my reviews out to the world.  First of all I am a mother of a 2 year old little girl and wonderful girlfriend of my very best friend. I work part time in my local grocery store and spend the rest of my time being a crafty mommy and playing housewife in my beautiful house right outside of Huntsville, Alabama in a small town called, Hazel green. I’m a California Native learning the ways of a Southern Bell and I am loving it! I believe in cooking from the heart, being creative, and loving yourself. Comments and request and welcomed!

mommy and baby


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